Texas in California

Twice a year, I run completely out of money. And somehow I manage to be in another country when that happens. It’s actually pretty saddening the amount of times I’ve had to call my dad for food money while being in the States. Also very surprised that the ol’ man keeps up with my shit – imagine your youngest daughter texting you for money after spending every last penny in Vegas. And not only on gambling, also on strippers and a wedding ceremony. This all occurred last June, and besides Vegas, I also hit up Texas, where I recall drinking heavy amounts of tequila which made it extremely hard to actually see Willie Nelson perform. By the time he went on stage, my vision was too blurry and I was starting to pass out while eating a corn dog. Classy lady I am.

The second time I traveled to the States, I decided to do the complete opposite thing I had done the previous summer. So when I arrived in Los Angeles last December, my mind was set on “finding myself” and relaxing after all those hectic months prior to this trip. Nearly 6 hours later, I was running down Union Station with two bags trying to catch a train to San Diego. I soon found relaxation in one of those terrible Stone Brewing devil large bottles of beer, while listening to Black Sabbath. Taking things easy is definitely not for me.